Today, Perisher and the surrounding high country provide a wonderful playground for skiers, snowboarders, walkers and even wombats.  As time moves on, however, it is easy to forget ‘the good old days’ of rope tows or no tows, lodge building, homemade skis, lace-up leather boots and riotous lodge parties.

New members are most welcome.
Membership is structured so that support can be as an individual, a family, club or commercial establishment.  Currently the Society has 92 members including 22 ski clubs.

Perisher Historical Society Incorporated

ABN 58 206 993 576
The Committee and Office Bearers

As the Society gathers historical data a bibliography of these will be published within this section.
Numerous Clubs are marking significant milestones by publishing their history - 50th birthdays abound and the  following have been generously donated to the PHS library.