New members are most welcome.
Membership is structured so that support can be as an individual, a family, club or commercial establishment.  Currently the Society has 92 members including 22 ski clubs.

Become a member

First and foremost, the privilege of being an PHS supporter is the knowledge that you are contributing to ensuring the history of Guthega, Charlotte Pass, Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and associated areas is preserved for future generations.
Achievements & Projects

●  Newsletter - Published twice yearly
●  Annual Season Opening Dinner
● "Hello in the Snow" - Annual Mid Season social function
●  Display Case maintained in the Perisher Skitube Terminal
●  Successful lobbying for the publication of a Commemorative Stamp
    set to mark 150 years of Recreational Alpine Skiing in Australia
●  Lodge Building History Project
●  Conservation and care of memorabilia, photographic records, oral history, etc.
●  Book - "Highway to Heaven - A History of Perisher and the Resorts Along the Kosciuszko Road"
●  Recovery of Minutes of NSW Ski Council, Perisher Ski Association, NSW Ski Association

Your Story

Guess what?  Your memories and life experiences are fascinating to others and all contribute to picture of the past.
We would love to hear your story and so would others.
Perhaps you can assist by recording a conversation with an older person about their time in the snow.
It is the simple things that are fascinating - crank starting a car, lighting an Aladin Lamp without damaging the mantle, the road trip from Sydney and the Razorback on Friday nights, etc.

PHS urges you to take your voice recorder and chat to older family and friends about their life experiences.  Future generations will love you for it.


Images of times past can be priceless but to be of interest they need a story.
So the more there is of the following the better.

●  When           Date or year
●  Where          Location or scene
●  Who             Names of people depicted
●  Story            Background story

Member Application

To become a member, you will need to fill out an application form which can be downloaded here.