Recovery and care for those injured skiing progressively developed into the highly trained, efficient and disciplined organisation that it is today.

By Pat Edmondson

The Smiggin Holes Ski Patrol is inexorably tied to the Illawarra Alpine Club.  This profile of the Smiggin Holes Ski Patrol is taken as published from “Silver Tracks” the history of the club published on the club’s 25th anniversary.

By 1909 the general public's interest in Mt Kosciusko and the snow saw the NSW Government Tourist Bureau construct the Kosciusko Hotel on the Kosciusko Road at Diggers Creek (the staff quarters remain as "Sponar's Inn").   This became a very socially acceptable recreation and groups formed (e.g. Kosciusko Alpine Club) who took block bookings of the hotel.

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The working conditions of Smiggin Holes employees, date unknown.


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